Proof of Delivery System

Modernize how you manage Proof of Delivery documentation. Eliminate time wasted reconciling deliveries. Eliminate write-offs due to lack of proof that deliveries occurred. No special hardware to buy. No special training to take. Easy to use. Get started today.

  • Benefit Number One

    Scan Barcodes

    Attach barcodes and use your smartphone to record delivery details. Track status from the web..

  • Benefit Number Two

    Signature Capture

    Use phone's camera to take photos.. Customers sign on the touch screen.

  • Benefit Number Three

    Proof of Delivery Software

    Drivers upload delivery details as they occur. Automate documentation.

  • Benefit Number Four

    Online Tracking Software

    Manage data and generate professional looking POD reports from any browser.

Free Trial!
Free Trial!
Proof of Delivery - POD
  • What is our web app?

    What will this app do for me?

    Saves time and money by capturing POD on a smartphone. Eliminates the cost and complexity of using proof of delivery systems based on expensive equipment.

  • How does our app work?

    How does this app work?

    Download the Proof of Service app from the Android Market to your Android device. Captures signatures. Take photos that embed timestamps, GPS coordinates and notes.

  • Why do you need it?

    Who needs this app?

    This is a must have for courier and service companies that have a need to produce delivery confirmation. Easily reconcile deliveries that happened months ago.