Proof of Delivery System


This solution combines an Android smartphone app for data collection with a web based app that you can securely access from any browser.


Smartphones ability to scan barcodes, retrieve back office information, data entry with drop menus, capture signatures, take photos, acquire GPS, timestamps and wirelessly upload the collected data to a web-based server increases efficiency and accuracy at a cost that is significantly lower than traditional solutions.


Proof of Delivery Software - Smartphone App


The Proof of Service App (Aridhio Technologies) is available in the Android market for free download. This app works with the web based app to automate the POD process. Use an Android smartphone to collect data and look up status from any browser.


Drivers or office personnel no longer need to spend hours generating proof of delivery documentation.

Extinguisher Inspection App

Proof of Delivery Template


Schedule deliveries from the web. Drivers can download delivery information to their smartphone.


Use the smartphone to scan a barcode and retrieve all the information for that delivery.


POD Photos with GPS Location and Timestamps


When the delivery takes place you can capture signatures on your Android device.


Collect POD information even if no one is available to sign for the delivery.


Use the smartphone’s camera to take pictures.


The proof of service apps image proceseeing capability can embed timestamps, GPS coordinates, notes, sketches and arrows into the photos.


Wirelessly uploads to our secure servers.


Online Tracking Software


The Proof of Delivery web app works with the Proof of Service smartphone to app to produce comprehensive delivery reports. Register for the web-app here. Each report produces a summary of all work performed and parts replaced which also expedites invoicing.


Create permanent digital records of all inspections performed by every technician in your organization. Always know when mult-year services are due.

Search for any delivery even when only partial information is available. Rapidly resolve customer issues and achieve faster invoicing.


Proof of Delivery Systems


Save time and money by capturing delivery information on a smartphone and upload to a web-based app that organizes the information into a proof of delivery form that you can provide to your customers.




There is a permanent record of every delivery. Generate reports for your customers. Drivers do not have to spend time documenting delivery information. Securely print reports from any browser. Reports include delivery location, any signatures, photos, notes, GPS coordinates and timestamps that were collected.


Proof of Delivery Form


Flexible search for past deliveries, days, weeks or months after delivery even when only partial information is available. Rapidly respond to customer inquiries and provide documentation when disputes arise.