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Proof of Delivery Software

Delivery Tracking Software

Save driver time and cut losses. Modernize how you manage Proof of Delivery documentation. Eliminate time wasted reconciling deliveries. Eliminate driver's time documenting deliveries. Eliminate write-offs due to lack of proof that deliveries occurred. No special hardware to buy. No special training to take. Easy to use. Get started today.

Easy to use. Start a free trial today. No credit card needed to get started.

Schedule Deliveries Online

Schedule deliveries from a web based interface. Assign drivers even if they do not work for your company. Monitor as drivers complete stops on their route..

Download Schedules

Drivers download schedules to their smartphone. Multiple stops per route. Multiple items per stop. Collect signatures and photos at point of delivery.

Automate POD Documents

Proof of Delivery documentation is automatically generated complete with time stamps, GPS coordinates of drop location, signatures, photos, barcodes of delivered items.

Start Managing Your Deliveries More efficiently today

What to expect:

1. Signup for a trial here. Setting a password is next.

Your account will have a couple of examples to get you started.

2. Check your email and confirm your sign-up.

You will get access to the documentation and the Android app.

Start a 30 Day Free Trial

Try it free for 30 days. Easy to get started. No credit card needed

Save time, save Money, please your customers

  • Cut losses due to inability to prove deliveries
  • Rapidly recall pass deliveries
  • Historical search with partial information (date, ID)
  • Provide reports to your customers with photos & signatures

Dispatch Scheduling and Delivery Documentation

  • Schedule deliveries from the web
  • Drivers download delivery details to app
  • Scan barcodes, retrieve delivery item details
  • Take photos, embed GPS & timestamps
  • Collect customer signatures
  • Automate Proof of Delivery docmentation