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Fire Extinguisher Inspection Software

Fire Extinguisher Inspection Software

Fire extinguisher inspection app. Capture data electronically using your Android smartphone. View past inspections and generate professional looking reports from any standard web-browser. No special hardware to buy. No complex software to install and maintain. No special training to take. Start today with just a smartphone.

Easy to use. Start a trial today.

Scan Barcodes

Attach barcodes and use your smartphone to scan fire extinguishers and recall all of the unit's details.

Replace Paper Handling

Store all data electronically.View information online or print reports. Generate reports in PDF, MS Excelor MS Word

Easy to Get up and Running

Test it in one hour, setup your organization in one day. Install the Fire Extinguisher Inspection App on your Android smartphone. Trial the system right away.

Start Managing Your Fire Extinguisher Inspections More efficiently today

What to expect:

1. Signup for a trial here. Setting a password is next.

Your account will have a couple of examples to get you started.

2. Check your email and confirm your sign-up.

You will get access to the documentation and the Android app.

Start a 30 Day Free Trial

Try it free for 30 days. Easy to get started. No credit card needed

Scan barcodes from your Android

  • Scan barcodes to retrieve extinguisher details
  • Rapid data collection via phone's touchscreen
  • Capture signatures in the app
  • Wirelessly upload inspection results

Generate reports from the web

  • Store all inspection data electronically
  • Securely accessible from the web
  • View information online or print reports
  • Generate reports in PDF, MS Excelor MS Word