Fire Extinguisher Software

Fire Extinguisher Software



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Features Included with all Plans

  • Feature Set 1

    Ensure that all fire extinguishers are inspected

    The smartphone app automatically keeps track of which fire extinguishers have been inspected and which ones have not. The fire service technician has real-time feedback as to how far they are along in the inspection, ensuring that no units are overlooked..

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    Optionally capture signatures in the app

    Inspector and / or customer signatures can be captured directly on the smartphone screen. Any captured signatures are automatically included when generating reports in PDF format. Ideally, a touch screen stylus (capacitive resistance stylus) should be used..

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    Import data from a spreadsheet

    Data about the type and size of each fire extinguisher can be initially entered directly into the system via the smartphone app. If you already have this information recorded somewhere, it can be imported into the system via a spreadsheet template that we provide..

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    Download facility information to the smartphone

    When the information about the location, size, and type of all the fireextinguishers is in the system, any fire service technician in your organization can then download this information into their smartphone app.