Fire Extinguisher Software


This solution combines an Android smartphone app for data collection with a web based app that you can securely access from any browser. Smartphones have the capability to scan barcodes, retrieve back office information, enter data with dropdown menus, capture signatures, and wirelessly upload the collected data to a web-based server.


This increases efficiency and accuracy at a cost that is significantly lower than traditional solutions.


Once inspection data is collected in a digital form reports can be generated from a web interface, Using the web to generate reports eliminates the inefficiencies of paper based systems and the digital reports makes your organization look more professional. You also have permanent records that can easily be recalled. Reports can be generated in a number of different formats including Excel, MS Word and PDF.


Fire Extinguisher Inspection Software - Smartphone App


The Fire Extinguisher Inspection App (Aridhio Technologies) is available in the Android market place for $14.99 per Android device. Scan barcodes to retrieve the information for a given fire extinguisher. Checkboxes and dropdown menus for fast, accurate data entry. Wirelessly upload results for immediate processing by office personnel.


All without the large upfront expense for specialized hardware or the complexity and time spent on training for competing solutions.

Extinguisher Inspection App

Scan Barcodes


Each fire extinguisher will require a unique barcode. The information for a fire extinguisher is entered once, either throught the app or from the web. The information for that fire extinguisher is automatically retrieved on all subsequent inspections by using the smartphone app to scan the barcode. Barcodes can also be used to uniquely identify locations.


Mobile Inspection Software


The Android fire extinguisher inspection app has everything that inspectors need to perform NFPA 10 compliant inspections and maintenance. Wirelessly upload inspection results.


Office personnel have visibility into the inspection details before the technician leaves the inspected facility. Expedite invoicing and service proposals.


In real-time during the inspection, service technicians have visibility into what has been inspected and what remains.


Summaries of all work performed including parts replaced are immediately available to expedite invoicing and to create proposals for service that documents deficiencies found.


Fire Extinguisher Inspection Report - Web Interface


The web app works with the smartphone to app to produce comprehensive inspection reports. Register for the web-app here. Each report produces a summary of all work performed and parts replaced which also expedites invoicing.


Create permanent digital records of all inspections performed by every technician in your organization. Always know when mult-year services are due.

Report Generation


Create professional looking reports from any browser. Document monthly inspections, work performed, parts replaced, hydrostatic testing, etc. Documents when the next multi-year service is due. Produce reports in a myriad of formats including PDF, MS Excel and MS Word.


Tally of Work Performed:


In real-time during the inspection, technicians have visibility into what has been inspected and what remains. Summaries of all work performed including parts replaced are immediately available to expedite invoicing, document deficiencies to create resolution proposals.


Fire & Life Safety Services


Whether you are a large fire protection services company, or the safety representative on a college campus, the capabilities of modern smartphones is a game changer for those responsible for inspections.


The ability to scan barcodes and perform automatic look-ups of safety equipment presents an opportunity to modernize fire extinguisher inspections with digital records at a fraction of the costs of competing systems that are based on special purpose scanning and data collection devices. These systems are typically of a level of complexity that specialized training is required.


With smartphone technology and a roll of barcodes, you can modernize your inspection collection and reporting in one day. Inspector and customer signatures can be captured right on your Android smartphone and automatically included in your reports