What type of barcodes should I use? .


Pretty much any barcodes will work.The important thing is that you want to use sequential barcodes so that each one is unique. If you have a choice, you should go with 2D barcodes. They can be read even when the barcode tag is partially damaged. Some choices for pre-printed sequential barcode labels are:






These are by no means the only choices but represent a sample of what is available.



What type of stylus can I use on a smartphone screen?

Touch screen devices require a capacitive resistance stylus that simulates the (your old Palm Pilot-like stylus will not work). Any iPad Stylus will work fine with an Android device. You can find one from a company like BoxWave on Amazon.com for less than $20.



I am having difficulty scanning in low light. How can this be improved?


Scanning can usually be improved ensuring that the scanning application can use the cameras flash. Open the barcode scanner application. Select the"Menu" icon on your device. Now select "Settings" in the barcode application. Scroll-down and select "Use Front Light".